Transitions - Victoria (January 9, 2018)



Like the seasons change, our work changes too.

We follow the transitions of seasons from spring to summer to fall to winter.

We have been out for most of the year,

Basking in the sun along with plants who need it for growth.

Collecting native seed, vouchers, soil samples,

Being one with the environment for a brief second.

Mediating with the sounds of nature,

Listening to the breeze, birds chirping, streams flowing,

It’s almost as if we are one.

Rhythmically collecting seed to the sounds surrounding us.

And like all things, the rhyme slows-

Temperature changes, vegetation cycles changes,

As fall comes things go dormant.

The cycle of dormancy approaches,

Plants wilt,

Storing nutrients in their root systems for the winter that is coming.

We as well retreat from the field,

Becoming dormant for winter.

And as plants remain dormant,

Our work is not done.

Like the nutrients stored in plants for winter,

We as well store energy for the work that is needed indoors.

The journeys and adventures we have taken through the seasons,

Have brought us together to assess the native plants we have worked with.

Mounting vouchers,

Labeling properly,

Continuing to work with data,

Assembling databases and analyzing trends,

Cleaning seed.

And ultimately plan for the spring,

When like the plants, we follow seasonal cycles,

When that time comes--

We will become lively once again,

Re-emerging into the field as plants return to the landscapes.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Atencio

Photo courtesy of Victoria Atencio