Field Season in New Mexico

Sage, pinon, juniper galore

Learning these plants is never a bore.

Heterotheca makes me smile and sneeze,

Yellow aster growing along roads with ease.

Sphaeralcea, the most beautiful orange flower

Got the bees pollinating, growin’ in power.

Sporobolous, Elymus, Bothriochloa, me o’ my

Graminoids with an abundance like pie.

Can’t forget the good ol’ Bouteloua

Gracilis, curtipendula, and eriopoda,

Their seeds ripen and ready only in the fall.

The phenology of these plants is such a ball.

Seasons change, monsoons come and go,

I love being able to see the shift so slow.

Fallugia, the puffy seed heads so fun to collect,

It is meditative focusing my energy on this subject.

Of conservation, restoration, harvesting plant power,

To make this world more green, native, and wild by the hour!

- Maya Argaman & Victoria Atencio