New Mexico Stakeholder Meeting

The 2nd New Mexico Stakeholder Meeting for the SW Seed Partnership was held at the UNM Rotunda Room in Albuquerque on April 23, 2019. The meeting included a morning information-sharing session with presentations on SWSP seed collections and seed production; perspectives from other Native Plant Programs; and updates from the SWSP Steering, Research, and Seed Quality Committees. The afternoon session included a discussion of a draft Memorandum of Understanding for the SWSP, presentations from Southwest researchers, a Stakeholder feedback session, and a group discussion on sustaining seed markets. The 2020 SWSP Stakeholder Meeting will be in Arizona, and the next New Mexico Stakeholder Meeting will be held in 2021.


National Programs Supporting Native Seed Development and Strategies for Success (Rob Fiegener, Director of Plant Materials, IAE)

SWSP Seed Collection Update (Ella Samuel, Plant Conservation & Restoration Program Specialist, NM Bureau of Land Management)

SWSP Production Update (Maggie Parrish, Southwest Seed Partnership Coordinator, IAE)

Examining Soil Seed Banks to Aid in Ecological Restoration Efforts (Akasha Faist, Assistant Professor of Rangeland Ecology, New Mexico State University)

Determining Seed Zones & Building Seed “Accessions” for the SWSP (Melanie Gisler, Southwest Program Director, IAE)

Encouraging Native Bees in Production and Restoration (Kimiora Ward, Restoration Program Coordinator, IAE)